New Creative Goals 2017 / 2018

So, after a year of hard work and dedication, my path to my teaching certification came to a crashing halt. I almost made it. I got all my homeworks done: an admissions quilt, 5 topical quilts, a class that I gave in front of my fellow teachers-in-the-making, finishing instructions for a pillow suitable for children.

This is my certificate quilt 2016/2017 - unfinished
Unfortunately, I miscalculated the efforts needed to finish my certificate quilt, which is shown here on this post, set up on a self-made quilting frame that I put together. It was hand pieced with EPP (English Paper Piecing) and it was hand quilted with a braided pattern. Well, the quilting is only 3/4 done, so I will pick it up at the guild office and finish it off for my sense of well-being. To get my certificate, I will have to design and execute a new certificate quilt. The Patchwork Guild will send the topic to me in May and I will have a full year's time to get it done. This time I will succeed.

A selfie of me trying very hard to get the quilt done.
That is one goal that I have. The other goals are: creating beautiful quilty things, writing regularly in this blog, creating videos in my channel, setting up a shop in Etsy and/or DaWanda, giving lessons, taking lessons (especially Hand- and Machine-Quilting).

Hmm, I could go on, but that could be a little ridiculous, as I do have a day job of 6 hours/day. I sing in a church choir and I plan to dance with my dance troupe, plus I love to cook, bake, do photography, paint and do all sorts of creative things. Let me try to stay realistic, otherwise in one year I will be disappointed again regarding the status of my certificate quilt.

This is me turning over a new leaf. Let the fun begin.

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