Kingston's Baby Blanket Finished

I know why I don't post more. It's so awkward gathering pics of everything, plus figuring out how to do this efficiently from my tablet. Ok, whining aside, in my last post which to my amazement was over a year ago, I said that Kingston's baby blanket would be done by the time he graduated from high school. Luckily, that was an exaggeration and he got it on his first Birthday, which is not bad considering that I started it in September 2012, when I last posted, took a break around Christmas and didn't start again until, hmm, I don't know, summer of 2013?

Here is a fuzzy photo of the recipient:

I hope he can use it and he doesn't grow out of it too soon.

Here is a more detailed montage:

I finished it, while we were vacationing in the Limousin Region of France. It was only occasionally warm, which made the hand quilting go well.

The lion application was ok, but I need to find another system for my next application project.

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