Kingston's Baby Blanket

A niece of mine had a baby in August. Baby Kingston is cute, healthy and growing. My niece would love to have a quilt for baby Kingston ... and I would love to give one. I don't want to whine, but I am only a rainy day quilter! I work full-time. September is the month of Birthdays, ergo many parties to attend. I have kids and a husband. Sigh. Alternative strategy ... Anyone :-)?

But I have been working on Kingston's quilt. Here is a snap of the diningroom table. I do have a sewing room, but my kids call it the "chamber of mess" (Rumpelkammer) at the moment, because I have to clear out "a little".

Kids are going to be coming down for breakfast soon - gotta get the kettle on, but one last pic to show what I dinked on for what seemed like hours while watching Twilight I & II with my dear niece (another one).

I have to figure out a more efficient way to make these lion applications or Kingston is going to be an old man before this baby blanket is done!

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